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Opinion Pieces

These are opinion pieces, written by members of the party. They may or may not reflect the official position of the party.

Counter-Insurgency and NATO-Colombia Partnership

Socialists and anti-imperialists in the region must watch Colombia and NATO closely and prepare for all possible outcomes. Given the uncertain relations between the Colombian state and rebel groups, the danger of continued military alliance, and US-provoked instability in Venezuela, the situation is tense and stakes are at their highest.

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S. A. Smith
Unions Divided on Gov't Wage Offer

Workers, unionists and Socialists in Jamaica must carefully analyse the context of the wage offer. The Jamaican dollar fluctuates in value but has a tendency to depreciate. Moreover, the Ministry's flattening of real public sector wages coupled with the aim to is part of its commitment to the International Monetary Fund's long-term strategy of public sector reform. This can be interpreted as nothing else but shrinking the public sector workforce. 

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S. A. Smith
Forget the Two-State Solution

The US and Israel have always wanted a "peace" on their terms and this act has just made that fact painfully obvious even to those who for years have bought that lie. The two-state solution is (if it ever was feasible) now dead.

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Alexander Scott
Let Them In

The dress code required for entry into government offices is completely antithetical to anything that could be considered appropriate for Jamaica’s hot, humid climate. (Thumbnail photo by Garfield Robinson)

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Christina Ivey
Catalonia and Spain

In reality, the situation is not as black and white as it might appear on the surface. There are many people in Catalonia who do not wish to see the region split from the rest of Spain. Similarly, there are many in Spain who wish that their government would allow the secession process to occur freely.

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Kyle Williamson
Make Jamaica Safe Again?

Our leaders, in their efforts to show a no-nonsense approach to crime, have created a habit of resorting to military force in times of social unrest. You won’t have to jog your memory too far back to remember the human rights violations of the Tivoli Incursion in 2010.

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Ashley Dalley
Nuclear Threat

The DPRK would only give up its nuclear programme if it knew that it would not be invaded. As long as the US exists as an imperial power, this is not an imaginable scenario.

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Christophe Simpson