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These are opinion pieces, written by members of the party. They may or may not reflect the official position of the party.

Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro is one of the world's greatest revolutionaries. With both ideology and action, he had proven his commitment to global social justice. At midnight, there were claims that he had passed away. These claims pop up every year, on the internet, usually spread by anti-Communists. This time, however, the claims were verified by teleSURSputnikthe BBCAl Jazeera, and other well-known networks.


Fidel Castro believed in Socialist internationalism. His personal ideology, and that of the Communist Party in Cuba, was Marxism-Leninism, and he made frequent reference to "the Third World" despite aligning with the USSR during the Sino-Soviet split; he continuously referred to himself as an anti-imperialist, and condemned neoliberal globalisation.


After co-leading the Cuban Revolution to its triumph in Cuba itself, he found himself defending national liberation movements and the general interests of the Third World on the global stage. Cuba itself had made major improvements in the interests of farmers, the general working class, Afro-Cuban people, women, LGBTQ+ people, and more. Despite its limited resources, Cuba has arguably led the world in its dedication to education and healthcare, educating both local and foreign doctors who find themselves responding to major disasters and disease outbreaks. There is too much to say about what Fidel Castro has done, in one article.


Despite all that Fidel Castro did, the USA was relentless in trying to destroy Cuba "by every possible means" - including economic sabotage where they attempted "to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government" - the USA's outright disregard for human life and the quality of human life were clearly displayed in their official policy towards Cuba.


As Samora Machel would say, "the struggle continues" against many things which stand in the way of social justice worldwide. Fidel Castro has done his part, and it is now time to do ours.


What we must remember is that Fidel was not Cuba, and Cuba is not Fidel. Cuba is larger than Fidel, and he is merely the face of a movement that is as revolutionary as we see him. At this time, we must have hope. There is no doubt that his legacy can be upheld by others in Cuba, and the world in general. The Cuban Revolution lives on, and Socialists worldwide live with it. While Fidel may be dead in the flesh, his revolutionary spirit lives on; it lives on in those who wish to continue the global struggle for socio-economic justice. We must commit ourselves to defending Fidel Castro's legacy.