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On Russia's "Hacking" of the US Elections


Fascism is truly rising in the USA, and it is not just Donald Trump. Both Democrats and Republicans have been employing Nationalist rhetoric..

Among the most irresponsible claims is that "Russia hacked the US elections." That line is constantly repeated by the media, leading many persons to uncritically embrace the idea that Russia is responsible for the outcome of the US elections.

There is one thing that comes to mind when someone hears that an election is supposedly "hacked" and that is that the election results were directly tampered with. It would be ironic if Americans were whining about this, because they don't respect other countries' elections, constitutions, or sovereignty. They have interfered in elections and supported coups to depose elected leaders in foreign countries. Of course, there is the notion of American Exceptionalism, which is that there are some things that are only okay if done by the USA, but never to the USA. The world we live in is indeed a dangerous one, where a monstrous entity is not held accountable for its actions, but feels the entitlement to punish other entities for theirs.

What happened in the USA, however, was not any tampering with any of the actual election results. Instead, what simply happened is that there were a series of leaks of emails that harmed the reputation of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. The Russian government is being blamed for these leaks taking place, despite no concrete evidence existing to prove this.

These leaks exposed the insincerity of Hillary Clinton and the corruption in the Democratic National Convention. Thinking that the leaks were a negative thing would be saying that transparency is a negative thing.

The narrative also sets a dangerous context in which censorship and political repression can easily be justified, essentially bringing the US back to the McCarthy era. On the grounds that a foreign entity can influence election results, the USA can censor foreign media sources or take other measures (like sanctions) against other countries.

US media influences the views, values, and opinions that persons all over the world may have. When certain countries (Cuba, Russia, Iran, China, the DPRK, etc.) censor certain things in the media, the US demonises these countries as authoritarian. The American politicians want the people in these other countries to have more access to information, while wanting Americans to have less. The American ruling class and politicians want the ability to influence public opinion in other countries, but don't want the actions of any foreign entity to influence public opinion in the USA itself.

The ruling class and the politicians don't even treat the American people as actual humans who can make their own judgements. This further shows how they see elections as a game, and not a mechanism for the people to have representation. It's as if the elections were some board game about public opinion. One side is upset that it lost this game, so it calls foul play and makes up stories that someone influenced the outcome of the game while not being a legitimate player.

Focusing on who was responsible for the leaks is a distraction from what the leaks themselves exposed: Hillary Clinton, the supposed lesser evil, is corrupt. The Democratic Party, which is supposedly the more 'progressive' party, is corrupt.

Tensions continue to escalate between Russia and the USA, and we see how the irresponsible journalists can easily justify the  ridiculous positions and actions of the US government.

All this drama exists only now, before Trump is inaugurated in about 3 weeks. Tensions with Russia will most likely be eased. What is scary is that these liberal journalists will happily become propaganda machines for Trump, after finally accepting that he won the election. At this point, they will be ready again to justify any position or action taken by the Trump administration.

We must be careful in what we read and the narratives that we repeat. The role of propaganda is again increasing in politics. Wars will first be won through propaganda, then later on the battlefield. We saw how the media justified the Iraq War and the intervention in Libya, and how they attempt to justify US actions against Venezuela, Syria, and the DPRK. The target of these wars could very well be the Philippines or any other country that doesn't bow down to the USA.

There is a glaring need for anti-imperialist narratives, and this can only be accomplished by anti-imperialist solidarity. As a result, LANDS will continue to attempt to build relations with other political parties in Jamaica, the Caribbean region, and the rest of the world.

GlobalChristophe Simpson