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An Open Letter to Andrew Holness on Jamaican-Israeli Relations


A sanitised version of this piece was published in the Jamaica Observer on January 27, 2017.

Congratulations Mr. Holness!

I welcome the news of your visit to the apartheid State of Israel to strengthen economic ties. If anyone had doubts about the legacy you would leave behind, they can see it clearly now. When other  world leaders have been scared to associate themselves with a war criminal, you took the bold step and put our economy before our morality.

You saw an opportunity to improve Jamaica’s capacity in water, agriculture and security, so you took it; all while turning a blind eye to where this money comes from. I’m certain Israel has a lot to teach us about agriculture and security, when the Israeli Defense Force steals arable Palestinian land and strategically targets and kills farmers, they’re experts in the field. The best part about the new partnership with Israel is that they won’t ask for much. The Zionists are willing to overlook the fact that we’re a poor Black country in the Caribbean who has nothing more to give than UN votes.

Thank you for cementing the government’s stance on human rights and I’m sure you’d make Nelson Mandela proud for your stance on Apartheid.

You’re the first Jamaican Prime Minister to have visited Israel and we can only hope you’ll be the last.