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Forget the Two-State Solution

President Donald Trump of the United States announced that his nation would now recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on 6 December 2017. As such, the US will be moving its embassy there in short order (diplomatic speak for in the next few years). This has been met with condemnation, shock, and outrage. The shocked individuals say that this (blatantly illegal) move will destroy US credibility in the Israel-Palestine negotiations. Others still say that this move smacks of placating to the Israelis and going over the top. To those persons, I say, what here is new and thank goodness.

What’s new? The US has, since 1995 (ever since Congress passed a law to this effect), recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Again, the same law states that the embassy must be moved there. While all the previous presidents have used the in-built deferral waiver, almost all have campaigned to ensure that the embassy is moved and making the law more concrete (removing the waiver).

What’s new? The US has not once in my lifetime demanded a withdrawal of even the Knesset and other buildings which sit on what is internationally agreed to be land gained by war (a clear violation of the modern laws of war and UN treaties).

What’s new? The US, even while 'chiding' Israeli actions, give them billions of dollars in arms supplies and aid to assist in the illegal occupation and brutal suppression of the Palestinians.

Yes, let us condemn the Americans, but not simply for this as this is only the removal of a poorly constructed mask. The US with its politicians tied to AIPAC are not and have never been honest and fair peace brokers, the nation that arms another nation while it uses white phosphorus and shells schools does not want a just peace. Let us condemn the US for saying nothing as Israel, their poster boy in the Middle East, conducts slow-motion ethnic cleansing in Gaza and the West Bank. Let us condemn them as they actively aid and abet in the destruction of Palestinian dreams and rights, something they have done for at least fifty years.

The US and Israel have always wanted a "peace" on their terms and this act has just made that fact painfully obvious even to those who for years have bought that lie. The two-state solution is (if it ever was feasible) now dead, and there are now only two options. The status quo, the slow death and open camps, the bantustans and the further refinement of a regime that they adopted from their Apartheid allies, or both peoples could actually live together in the lands such as in the (very imperfect but at least a template) South African case; even the Afrikaners saw what the end held. Two states is a dream and hoping on the US to act as an honest broker is a myth. The Palestinians - as has always been the case - will live and die by what the rest of the world does, mainly the Arab world. Will we aide or will we continue to moan about something that has always been?

Alexander Scott