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Unity Against the Enemies of Democracy


Venezuela is going through some very testing times and it is at this precise moment when her allies need to stand up, especially now. This Tuesday the 23rd of January marks 50 years since the overthrow of President Perez Jimenez and the creation of the fourth republic in that nation, and it is on this anniversary which the enemies of democracy wish to do damage to the Socialist movement which has swept the nation with the full backing of the people.

The enemies of democracy wish to retard the immense progress in Venezuela, they wish for the community cells, an immediate and tangent form of democracy, to be destroyed. They wish for the electoral system, which after some 20 odd elections has always been declared clean as a whistle to be done away with.

The opposition who will take to the streets on this historic day, these opponents of democracy, intend to reverse policies and initiatives that have managed to put a serious dent in the poverty which stalks that nation, poverty the opposition created through years of oppressive economic distribution of state benefits.  The opposition strikers will be met with resistance in Venezuela, the majority, those who have continually voted for and re-affirmed the vision of the Chavista movement will not take this insult to their voice lying down.

We in the international community, both far and especially close to home must stand with the people and with the Bolivarian revolution which they have continually endorsed, put simply we must give our full and unwavering support to the legitimate government of President Maduro.

We must demand that the OAS, which has consistently been at the behest of the US and the opposition during this opposition and US created crisis, begin to act as a true arbiter of regional peace and we must insist that our respective governments and political parties stand with the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution at this time as they face an unwarranted threat from the US and their paid lackeys in the opposition. To do anything otherwise would be enabling not only the end of all social progress in that nation but would also act as the tonic that the agents of imperialism need in this region as they try to fight against the revolutionary tide which has swept it during the past two decades.

Alexander Scott