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On Tillerson's Visit to Jamaica


The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, arrives in Jamaica on February 7. This should be no surprise to anyone. The current JLP administration has shown itself to be the ever-willing lapdogs of the US and its colonialist allies in the form of the recent abstention during the Jerusalem vote in the UN. Andrew Holness is desperate to be patted on the head and told that he is a good boy. This visit is simply the metaphorical throwing of a bone, so it was also no surprise to see that the top item on the agenda is Venezuela.

Tillerson has been obsessed with regime change in Venezuela for a long time. Just like the US is upset that the DPRK and South Korea are stepping closer towards reunification again, they are upset that the Venezuelan government and Opposition are reconciling their differences in peace talks in Santo Domingo. The US does not want to see these conflicts resolved, instead preferring to prolong them so that it can divide and rule the world.

We condemn this attempt to meddle in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic, and we condemn the US for trying to place a wedge between the peoples of Jamaica and Venezuela. We must stand with the democratically-elected government of Maduro and we must stand firm as the U.S seeks to roll back the awesome tide of regional unity which has been growing for the past fifteen years.

Mr Tillerson, formerly of Exxon fame is also here to stir trouble between the region and - what is fast becoming its largest trading partner - China, describing the Chinese in the way the world should really describe the US. Such actions must me denounced for the backwardness and imperialistic nature that they represent as the US seeks to have the region again weighted under their oppressive yoke. 

Alexander Scott