Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism

About Us


About Us

LANDS is an emerging political movement, which aims to bring a rebirth of Socialist and democratic ideals to the public sphere in Jamaica. We have been inspired by both ideas and actions from a wide range of Leftists in the Global South.

While our movement is political in nature, we have no current intentions to compete in general elections. We reject the opportunism practised by some third parties in Jamaica, and we aim to set ourselves apart from them by engaging with the masses throughout the years instead of strictly during election time. We may find ourselves endorsing candidates or political parties who best emulate our ideals and values, until we see a need to step into national representational politics ourselves.

We intend to be a voice for the people and the ideas that we represent, and we believe that we can do this without participating in electoral politics. We will instead focus on issues and policies, while developing our ideology in the background.

Any voice can be powerful, especially with strong organisation behind it. We encourage youth and workers to set up their own organisations and get themselves heard as well, or consider joining either us or another organisation that accommodates their viewpoints. We are willing to engage with other political organisations, social movements, community organisations, and labour unions.



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