Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism




We find ourselves allied with different organisations for different reasons. These are all organisations that we either work with or have similar agendas, even if they do not fully share our political ideology.

Assembly of Caribbean Peoples

The Assembly of Caribbean Peoples is a pan-Caribbean organisation formed in 1994, which brought together multiple progressive organisations across the region; it mainly consists of major labour unions, left-wing political parties, and other social movements. Jamaica LANDS started participating in the ACP, starting with the 7th Assembly in 2017 where our delegate was elected to its Regional Executive Committee.


Friends of Venezuela

The "Friends of Venezuela" is a coalition of existing organisations that exist in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution. It consists primarily of the Jamaica Peace Council, the Jamaica-Cuba Friendship Association, and Jamaica LANDS. It meets specifically to discuss current affairs in Venezuela, and Jamaica's bilateral relatsionship with Venezuela.

Jamaica Peace Council

The Jamaica Peace Council is an anti-war and anti-imperialist group in Jamaica, which is a part of the larger Caribbean Peace Movement, and which is allied with other similar Peace Councils across the world. It is critical of US foreign policy. It meets monthly, and publishes multiple articles weekly; it focuses on both local and foreign affairs. It consists of labour unionists, members of the Jamaica-Cuba Friendship Association, as well as former and current members of Leftist or left-leaning parties. Members of Jamaica LANDS participate in the Jamaica Peace Council.


Rebel Women Lit

Rebel Women Lit is a book club, consisting of mostly Black Feminists. They read and highlight work from women of colour. Their activism includes trying to get books to women and girls who are incarcerated. Some members of Rebel Women Lit are also members of LANDS, and have decided to form their own cadre unit within LANDS while the book club itself remains an independent organisation.