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Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism

The Politburo


The Politburo

The Politburo is the collective leadership and the face of the party. It is responsible for making short-term decisions, approving official party publications, and deciding the priorities of the Secretariat. It leads the ideological and political line of the party.

The Politburo is a subset of the members of the Central Committee. All Members of the Politburo are elected through the same process, in which they are ranked. The highest-ranking candidate chairs the Politburo, and is therefore regarded as the leader of the party.

The current composition of the Politburo was determined on November 14, 2018. Due to the current size of the party, the Politburo only has 1 seat:

  1. Christophe Simpson (Chairman)

On November 18, 2018, a an amendment was made to the constitution to set the minimum size of the Politburo to 3 persons.