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The Secretariat


The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the executive body within the party. It is responsible for coordinating and carrying out the tasks that are necessary to keep the organisation running smoothly.

The 2nd Secretariat was formed on December 9, 2017. It has 5 positions:

  • First Secretary
  • Secretary of Incorporation
  • Secretary of Communication
    • Publications Officer
  • Secretary of Policy

The positions in the Secretariat will change according to the needs of the party at the time; the Central Committee may create or abolish positions within the Secretariat. The 1st Secretariat had a Secretary of Publications, but that post has been replaced with a Publications Officer who is overseen by the Secretary of Communication.

First Secretary - Christophe Simpson

The First Secretary reports to the Central Committee on the work done by the Secretariat, and handles any responsibilities of the Secretariat that are not covered by other members. Questions and concerns about party administration should be directed to this Secretary.

Contact: cvsimpson@jalands.org

Secretary of Incorporation - Rayon Cameron

The Secretary of Incorporation is responsible for organising the party's members, observers, and other contacts, as well as maintaining communication between the party's central organs and its other bodies. Persons interested in joining or forming a division should contact this Secretary.

Contact: cameronrayon11@gmail.com

Secretary of Communication - Jonathan Orgill

The Secretary of Communication is responsible for disseminating information on behalf of the Secretariat, and for engaging and strengthening relationships with the party's observers and other contacts. General inquiries should be directed to this Secretary.

Contact: jonathan.orgill@hotmail.com

Publications Officer - Alex Smith

The Publications Officer is responsible for coordinating the publication of opinion pieces and public reports, and monitoring the spread of party material through various platforms. Questions and concerns about the party's publications should be directed to this person.

Contact: enji.iro@tuta.io

Secretary of Policy - Alexander Scott

The Secretary of Policy is responsible for keeping the organisation up to date with developments in legislation or government policy, and preparing the party to form positions on these. The Secretary of Policy will therefore aid the party's committees in finding important information, and help them to organise their sittings so that they can get work done.

Contact: alexanderwjscott90@gmail.com