Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Where We Stand


Currently, the party does not have "a manifesto" but we have identified our ideology and some short term goals, and we are working on our constitution in which we make our objectives clear. We are firm supporters of Socialism, inspired by a wide range of Socialist ideologies and leaders.


We are mostly interested in Marxism-Leninism and the works of Chairman Mao. These ideas are not new to the Caribbean; Marxism-Leninism is the ideology of the Cuban state, and it was the ideology of the People's Revolutionary Government in Grenada before the coup and invasion in 1983.

Mao is the person who came up with the idea of Third Worldism, a movement that much of the Caribbean was on board with. Mao also advocated for a different understanding of the purpose of the education system, promoting the idea of students working together instead of competitiveness and tearing each other down. Among the admirers of Mao was Che Guevara; while he was not from the Caribbean, he is an icon in the Cuban Revolution who went on to fight in other national liberation struggles in Africa and Latin America. Among the supporters of Third Worldism was Michael Manley, a Democratic Socialist who was Prime Minister of Jamaica in the 1970s; his government had good relations with Cuba and many Socialist governments all around the world.

We have a lot of studying to do before we identify our party ideology solidly, but we are sure that our party ideology will centre around Democracy and Socialism. We do not only plan to study books, but also to be in the streets, engaging with the masses, and ensuring that our party's stances will revolve around the realities of our country.

Short-Term Goals

We have 5 short-term goals that we hope to accomplish by December 2017:

  • Establish and maintain at least 3 active divisions.
  • Engage with people in physical social spaces, like bars
  • Create a presence in the public sphere, through the media/internet
  • Establish a Memorandum of Understanding with at least 1 existing political party
  • Establish relations with the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties (IMCWP)
Christophe Simpson