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Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Funding for 7th ACP


We are sending a delegate to represent LANDS at the 7th Assembly of Caribbean Peoples. We only became aware of this assembly this year; we got information on the topics being discussed, and then we researched the history of the body.

The Communist Party of Cuba and the Young Communist League in Cuba have both taken an interest in the body, with Cuba even hosting the 4th Assembly of Caribbean Peoples. You can find the declaration from the 6th Assembly on their websites and teleSUR. The 6th Assembly of Caribbean Peoples seems to have put a lot of importance on US-Cuba relations and the independence of Puerto Rico.

We expect that the 7th Assembly of Caribbean Peoples will focus on US aggression towards Venezuela; it is strongly hinted that it is on the agenda (along with right-wing moves against other Pink Tide governments). Other things on the agenda are food sovereignty, climate change, alternatives to the neoliberal model, the debt trap, reparations, Caribbean cultural identity, housing, labour rights, migration issues, and so on.

We hope that enough will be said about how the Dominican Republic's government has been treating people with Haitian ancestry. Some former participants of the Assembly of Caribbean Peoples have even considered boycotting this one because it is hosted in the Dominican Republic. The 8th Assembly of Caribbean People's is expected be held in Trinidad & Tobago in 2019.

This is the first time that we're doing anything like this, and we ask for your support to attend. This will be a very radical space for us to be in, and will allow us to connect with other organisations of similar scale and focus. Of course we are not stuck on the idea of assemblies and events for the sake of assemblies and events; look out for our upcoming Party Congress which may steer the course of actual action that LANDS will take in Jamaica.

Christophe Simpson