Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

A Year Old


Tomorrow will mark 1 year since the official founding of LANDS. As a result, we are conducting internal elections. An announcement was sent out, by email, to everyone who has been accepted as a member or observer; the deadline for responding is 20:30, tonight. If you should have received this email, but you haven't, please send an email to secgen@jalands.org as soon as possible.

We would also like to say that the 7th Assembly of Caribbean Peoples went well. We would like to thank everyone who helped to get our delegate there, whether by directly providing funding, or by providing other forms of support. Some of our observers played a major role in promoting our fundraiser; we would especially like to thank Pambana Bassett and Pooja Sadarangani.

A full report of what went on at the 7th ACP will be presented to the Jamaica Peace Council next week, in a meeting at the Cuban Embassy. Thereafter, a report will be made public on our site. Until then, you can view the declaration that was made at the 7th ACP.

Our delegate was also present for an ALBA Social Movements meeting on October 28, where a statement was finalised. Coming out of the 7th ACP, LANDS is therefore tasked with major local organising projects that will require us to establish coalitions and joint forums with other organisations.

Where we had plans for an 'extra-parliamentary' forum before, we now have to build an assembly that consists of labour unions, social movements, community associations, minor political parties, youth arms of major political parties, etc. - we have already held one meeting about this, and we are drafting a full proposal for it.

We have a lot of work to be done, Comrades.

Jonathan Orgill