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Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Results of the 1st Annual Party Congress


As we announced, our 1st Annual Party Congress was held last week, where members were invited to vote on the new constitution, as well as electing the central bodies in the party. Our core membership has increased from 13 members to 17 members; all 17 participated in the voting exercises.

The first round of voting involved approving a constitutional amendment, and electing the Central Committee. The new Central Committee consists of Christophe Simpson, Jonathan Orgill and Rayon Cameron. Two of these persons were elected to the Central Committee before, with one other replacing Kyle Williamson. Each candidate for the Central Committee received over 70% approval: 

  1. Christophe Simpson received approval from 16 of 17 voters (94.1%). 
  2. Jonathan Orgill received approval from 13 of 17 voters (76.5%).
  3. Rayon Cameron received approval from 12 of 17 voters (70.6%)

The 8th Draft of the Constitution was also approved by all 17 members. If further approved by the new Central Committee and Politburo, it will lower the requirements for membership and therefore make it easier for us to expand our size. It will also make it easier for us to begin engaging in community organising. We had spoken of this restructuring before, in September.

The second round of the Party Congress concluded with the single candidate and existing Chairman retaining the single seat in the Politburo. Christophe Simpson received approval from all 17 voters.

On behalf of the party I would like to extend thanks to our members for their participation as well as our supporters. Some weeks ago, we had asked for support to send a delegate to the 7th Assembly of Caribbean Peoples. Whereas most countries sent multiple delegates, the LANDS member was the only delegate from Jamaica. Today, he will be presenting a report of his experience at a monthly meeting of the Jamaica Peace Council at the Cuban Embassy. A full report on the assembly will be posted on the site in the near future.

Jonathan Orgill