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Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Friendship With Cuba


We know that you're awaiting our release of a report on the 7th ACP. We promise to have it published by the end of the year. Until then, we want to at least tell you what we have been up to; some of it has been a result of our participation in the 7th ACP.

At the 7th ACP, I met Barbara Iglesias; she is in charge of ICAP's operations in the Caribbean. ICAP (the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People) is a Cuban organisation that manages relations between Cuba and foreign grassroots organisations. She told me that she would be coming to Jamaica for an event on the 26th of November, and we saved the date. It was to commemorate a year since Comandante Fidel Castro's passing.

Long before November 26, the Cuban Embassy got in touch with us. We have, since then, attended 2 solidarity events (including the specific one that Barbara Iglesias invited us to). After these 2 events, we were invited to a meeting with Barbara so that we could tell her more about our organisation and how we can cooperate. Impressed by us and what we stand for, and despite our open admission of our limitations, she has committed to getting us into contact with the Young Communist League and other organisations in Cuba, and we will try to maintain a direct relationship with ICAP.

As we have said, we have been engaged in discourse about community organising for some time now; the discussions recently got more active, and we should be organising all our units this weekend. We have sorted most of our members and observers into 4 main units, with 2-3 other potential units if we can step up our recruitment efforts.

ICAP happens to be in touch with grassroots organisations in Jamaica. They all focus on primarily on solidarity with Cuba, but some also do community projects like collectives and gardens. Once we get in touch with these organisations, we hope that we can learn from them so that we can carry out our community projects with a little more efficiency during their early stages.

Separate from community projects, we have other things that we want to work on that we will soon publicise; for now, we want to put in a little more planning and dedication before we announce anything too big. We are still trying to balance our focus among ideological study, community organising, and policy development.

On another note, we are worried by recent developments in the region, regarding the USA's continued aggression against Cuba and Venezuela. We hope to work with the Opposition to pressure the government to take solid stances on regional issues; the government has already disappointed us by uncritically befriending the governments of Israel and the Dominican Republic, and by refusing to stand in solidarity with Venezuela against the imperialist lackeys in the OAS.

We continue to express unwavering solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and the Bolivarian Revolution; they are the bastions of Democracy and Socialism in Latin America.

Christophe Simpson