Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

New Site


Welcome to our new site. We were able to afford a new hosting service after a successful fundraiser which got support from many Comrades, both local and abroad. So what now?

With the current size of the party, it is still a little difficult to balance actual work and public relations; we assure you that we have still been doing work, despite not publishing any articles lately. Our only division has held several meetings since the start of the year, and a new division is to be launched next week.

We have 2 documents on aspects of our party philosophy that have been completed and will be made public next month, as well as another document in the works. Apart from these documents on party philosophy, we are making submissions to the government regarding the Sexual Offences Act and the Poverty Reduction green paper; these submissions are due next week.

As for the site itself, getting a new site was important. Our old platform was a provisional medium which served its purpose, but it could not facilitate some of our long-term plans. With this new platform, it is much easier to manage our content. We already migrated our content from the old platform, including the "Jargons" project. We have not added any new content to the project, but we will soon, as it is much easier to manage that now.

So far, 45 persons have registered with us. We immediately offered membership to 15 persons, while a few other persons have fulfilled the requirements to become members; everyone else was given the right to claim observer status.

Our priority now, as we try to grow, is to maintain a constant presence in political discourse, and to establish ourselves as a serious movement in the minds of the Jamaican people. We hope you like the new site; if you can't find something specific that you're looking for, or if you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us.

Christophe Simpson