Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Goal Reassessment


Within less than 6 months, we have come a far way. While we are nowhere near the achievements made by large established parties like the People's National Party or the Jamaica Labour Party, and while we do not have anything similar to their rich histories, we are still doing work that we consider to be important, and we are ahead of where we had expected to be by this time.

Over 50 persons have registered to be involved with LANDS; 15 have been immediately offered membership, and some others have sought to meet the conditions for membership even after not being initially offered. We have been doing work with the youth arm of the People's National Party, and we have contacts in a few Socialist parties and movements internationally. The fact that we were able to raise over 550 USD to fund the development of this site is amazing in itself.

When we were just founded, we never wanted to set goals that were too ambitious. We wanted to be as realistic as possible, and we were arguably too conservative in our outlook on the future. We are well on our way to meet the goals that we had set to accomplish by the end of 2017. Over the past few weeks, concerns have emerged about the direction we are heading in, and how we intend to get there. Are we a vague political movement, or a political party? Are we a youth group or an organisation that anyone may join? Do we analyse policy, or do we propose policy? Do we repeat ideas, or do we build ideas? Are we advocates or activists?

With over 50 persons involved, the movement has grown beyond the 5 persons who co-founded it. Vaguely, LANDS was initially to be a space for consolidation and organisation of far Left voices; it was to be a place where Leftists come together to establish consensus on ideological issues and current affairs. Now that this space and its structure have been set up, it is time to look at what we can do with the ideas and material that get produced in this space.

Over the next coming weeks, the party leadership will be consulting the members and observers to develop new goals, and to discuss how to accomplish them. It is also likely that we will have an early Party Congress in May, so that the constitution can be legitimised, and so that the party can have its first election for its officers.

The authority and legitimacy of the current party leadership have not been disputed at all, and it will continue acting with the same amount of authority that it has been acting with, until the Party Congress.

Here are some things you can look forward to, until then:

  • Reorganisation of the "reading list" on the site
  • Position papers on Foreign Affairs, regarding the DPRK and Venezuela
  • A position paper on pension reform, and pension systems in general
  • A submission to parliament on Sexual Harassment
  • An update on the philosophy paper On Puritanical Socialism
  • A philosophy paper on labour and unemployment
  • A philosophy paper on the Three Worlds Theory

After our round of internal consultations, and after the constitution is finalised and we have our first slate of elected officials, we will focus on public relations to increase the party's reach.

Christophe Simpson