Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Moving Forward from the Midterm Votes


Last week, we announced that we finally ratified our constitution and had an internal election for our 3-member Central Committee as well as our Chairman, the sole member of the Politburo. Now it is time to move beyond that, and I have written an open letter to current members and supporters of LANDS.

We recently finished updating our Philosophy Paper on Puritanical Socialism. The 8th draft was published before, but now our 9th draft is available. Future related papers will include discussion of the specific tendencies that engage in useless puritanism, and making distinctions between puritanism and anti-revisionism. 

In addition, we still have drafts of papers on the table that we need to finish and publish. These concern the situation in Venezuela, the situation in the Korean peninsula, and the massive wave of unemployment to come in the near future. We also intend to make a submission on the review of the minimum wage being undertaken by the parliament. These position papers and policy submissions should be treated with greater priority than our philosophy papers.

We had already made a submission to parliament before, and our members have been attending sittings of the Joint Select Committee that is responsible for reviewing the Sexual Offences Act and related acts.

We have some applications to respond to, and we're committed to organising more divisions to accommodate more discussion among our members. Many members are engaged with the party leadership regularly, but not with each other. Organising more divisions would fix this issue. Additionally, existing divisions need to resume meetings as soon as possible.

There are also persons engaged with the party leadership quite regularly, but are not yet full members. We will move quickly to organise them and bring them into the party.

Christophe Simpson