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Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Study Guide Rollout


We don't have an opinion piece today, but we have some announcements.

Study Guides

Many of you are familiar with our reading lists; we are still making more and we still make additions and edits to the existing ones. But let's be honest; a simple list of things on a particular topic isn't very interactive. Even with the annotations, it may be difficult for some persons to understand what they should be getting from a particular reading. For this reason, we made a study guide and rolled it out with a test group. We're willing to roll it out with more volunteers (both individuals and groups), and make them available for everyone if all goes well.

Most of our reading lists cover their own respective viewpoints and schools of thought, where it is rare that you would see 2 sources on the same list having a major disagreement about something. This is deliberate, because we want you to be able to read only a subset of the readings on one list while getting a feel of the overall viewpoint.

The study guides are a bit different; they introduce multiple sources that have conflicting views about the same topic or theme. Where we have a Marxism-Leninism reading list and Anarchist reading list (the latter isn't public yet, but look out for it), the first study guide presents an argument between a Marxist-Leninist perspective and an Anarchist perspective on an issue. These ideologies have opposing positions on the question of the state. Interestingly, there is a debate within the party itself about what approach to use to community organising, and the divide is along Marxist-Leninist and Anarchist lines.

What makes the study guides different is not only that they present the sources and their differing viewpoints; the reading lists already have annotations about what each source says. In addition to simply saying "this source says this," the study guides have questions that you can answer and help yourself with, so you know what to get out of the specific selection of readings, and so that you can identify your own position on something.

Registration Forms

We are making changes to our registration form. The current form is a lot of information to process, and it makes it difficult for us to respond to submissions in a timely manner. We're going to contact everyone who signed up the original form, so that they can sign up the new form when we begin using it.

The current form was intended to be a catch-all type thing that could serve for both members and observers, but this is proving to be difficult for proper records management. The form that will be on the site is a generic form that everyone can sign up to become a contact of the organisation, and highlight exactly what they are interested in with regards to us.

Instead of treating everyone as an applicant, it will actually ask whether you are interested in membership; if you are, we will send you a membership application form. After we begin doing things this way, it may be much easier for persons to make the transition from observer status to membership. Several observers, who qualify for membership, have been waiting to make the transition.

We are a new organisation; we are getting the hang of things. Please be patient with us. Feel free to email us anytime at info@jalands.org with any queries or concerns.

Christophe Simpson