Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Organisation Restructuring


As small as we are, we are thinking about the long-term development of the organisation. How we envision the party's function will determine how we go about our growth and structure. At first, the party was intended to strictly be a cadre organisation. There are ongoing internal discussions which may change this.

The central bodies in the party will soon put forward a proposal to allow 2 types of divisions to exist: cadre divisions and community divisions. The cadre divisions will have the features of a cadre organisation, while the community divisions will have the features of community-based organisations. The 2 types of divisions will have their own rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Discussion on this will continue in the party's existing divisions. In our first annual congress in November, it will be all of the party rather than just its central bodies who determine whether the character of the party changes.

It is tricky to expand right now while these discussions are ongoing, but members and observers may still contact us to discuss starting new divisions. A division requires at least 3 participants to start off.

Christophe Simpson