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Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Membership Applications Open


Since September of last year, we had stopped accepting membership applications and only allowed persons to register as observers. Before then, there was a single “registration form” that persons would use to register, regardless of whether they wanted to become a member or just an observer. The form asked questions about persons’ beliefs and values.

The problem with the old form is that it essentially treated everyone like an applicant. From September 2017 until now, we had been using a new form for observers; the new form only asks for contact information. Dozens of persons have registered as observers, using the new form. Some have enjoyed their experience in the organisation and have been asking how they can become members.

Membership applications are finally open again, and anyone who is an observer can now apply for membership. Whereas the old form asked a few questions about values and beliefs, the new form asks much more. Now, persons who want to be observers don’t have to answer a bunch of questions, and persons who want to be members can be be better assessed.

You may be wondering why we didn’t use the questions from the old form for membership applications, like having one form with questions and one without the questions. The old form asked a small number of questions, so a bad answer for just 2-3 questions could throw off someone’s score and affect their chances of joining the organisation; the new form has much more questions, so we can accept persons who largely agree with the party’s values while being able to identify the specific things that they need to work on. The new form asks questions about persons’ views on social services, disability, the environment, and other things that weren’t asked in the old form.

Another reason is that we decided to define different types of membership. With the new form, we will be able to classify persons as different types of members. Some persons will qualify to be partisans, while others may only qualify to be cadet partisans or associate members; some persons may not qualify at all, and will have to remain observers. .

All details aside, the important thing is that membership applications are open again and we expect to see growth in the organisation very soon. There are some observers who became involved with us over the past year, and have been playing important roles in the organisation. We would like to commend them.

Our Party Congress is a few weeks away. We look forward to voting on reforms to our constitution and to having elections for the party leadership.

Christophe Simpson