Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

New Policy Portfolio


The Secretariat has been expanded, to now include a Secretary of Policy. The Secretary of Policy will be responsible for getting the party to come to positions on legislation and government policy in a more timely manner. Alexander Scott has been appointed to this position.

The Secretary of Policy will not have the authority to determine the party's positions, as such authority is still vested in the Politburo and the policy committees. While that authority is vested in these bodies, the members of these bodies do not have any specific roles so no discussions have been initiated lately. The Secretary of Policy will thus have the responsibility of keeping these bodies up to date on important information, and getting them to meet to arrive at conclusions.

In addition to this news, the party has also grown to have 5 units, with hopes of launching 2 more soon. Of the 5 units, 3 are based in Jamaica, and 2 are for our members and observers who are based abroad. We may need to set up a new local unit, as well as a unit to manage our relations with our observers in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries.

We have been strengthening our internal communication channels to make management of the growing organisation easier. Much of what happens and what is discussed goes largely unseen, with the public only noticing our opinion pieces and social media presence at most; we hope to change this soon, by coming to positions on more matters as an organisation so that we can publish more material and make our stances more clear as a party.

The base of the party organisation is our system of units; each unit has a leader. When anyone joins the party as an observer, they are put in touch with a unit leader who hosts meetings and keeps everyone up to date with whatever the central party bodies are up to.

Members and observers meet in units to collectively study, discuss current affairs, and make proposals for what the party should do or focus on; the conclusions of these discussions are then forwarded to the central party bodies by the unit leader. Everyone, including the members of central party bodies, is expected to be involved in a unit. Even the party's policy stances originate from a unit first, then they get discussed by other units before the party's central bodies finalise a stance. The Secretary of Policy will be responsible for identifying the stances of the units and ensuring that the central party bodies take these into account when coming to a stance.

It takes time for us to do work. As a bunch of inexperienced youth, it takes time for us to figure things out. Several important things are in development, but aren't necessarily noteworthy as major updates. To stay more up to date with what goes on in LANDS, it is strongly advised that you get in touch with a unit.

Anyone, even non-Jamaicans, can register to become an observer of LANDS; being an observer comes with no obligations, and is different from being a full member. To become a full member, someone must either have been born in Jamaica or live here; full membership involves an application process, and members are expected to pay membership fees. However, full membership is not required to attend and participate in meetings or projects.

Christophe Simpson