Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Midterm 2017-2018 Update


There hasn't been much online activity lately, and you probably have some questions like whether we're still around. Our units have still been meeting, and we had still been doing work internally as well as getting prepared to take on some projects.

Our internal work consisted of formalising our reporting systems that our units and committees can use for meetings, following up on tasks, and accountability with finances. The projects we want to take on are a community garden and 2 assemblies. One of the assemblies is an initiative we intend to lead, where we bring together social movements, small political movements, and labour unions; the other assembly is being planned by some of our allies. We will release details on these when we are prepared to.

We won't deny, however, that the pace of work has been slowed down. We had intended to have a Secretariat meeting over a month ago that we could only get around to this week. 2 of the 5 members of the Secretariat are university students who have been having exams, and the others had been focused on other meetings that were also necessary.

The Secretariat meeting covered each member's responsibilities, and had an informal assessment of how each member was doing and what more needs to be done. The pace of work should pick up again, and organising activity should increase in the summer.

Several issues have been catching our attention. There should be greater cooperation among the members of our Secretariat to ensure that we can get our positions out on matters like the proposed plastic bag ban, the introduction of a Fiscal Council, and the recent murder of dozens of Palestinian people by Israeli occupiers.

Look out for more from us soon, and don't be afraid to contact us directly for updates if you don't.

Christophe Simpson