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Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

Monthly Q&As


As expressed in our last update, we have been unable to put effort into maintaining an online presence lately. The same persons involved in maintaining the organisation's online presence are heavily involved in other areas of party work.

For some time, we haven't had any major updates that are worth making public posts about, but work has been done nonetheless. Units and committees within the party have been meeting and discussing a range of issues, with plans to take action on the government's proposed Fiscal Council.

Apart from the Fiscal Council, we have been discussing things like abortion and proposed bans on certain plastic and Styrofoam products; these issues are current in Jamaica, with the regular corruption and 2-party bickering being the curtains of the political stage.

We've also started our first food garden, with the intention to start 2 more in the near future. The planning and execution of this project took weeks. Firstly, we got permission to use a small plot of land for free. We then decided that we would do raised beds for the garden, but there are multiple approaches to doing this; we settled on using old tyres. After getting the tyres, we had to cut them to make them fit for use, and then get them transported to the place, and then we had to get soil and seedlings. Most of the setup was done in 2 days, with some to continue this coming week; thankfully, we had the help of 3 Comrades who were visiting from abroad.

We still meet with our regular contacts, including the Jamaica Peace Council, the Cuban Embassy, and the Venezuelan Embassy. We are reaching out to the Nicaraguan Embassy, and we have begun work on our idea to build a congress of local social movements and labour unions.

In the middle of this month, 2 delegates will be representing LANDS at the São Paulo Forum, which is being held in Havana this year. This trip will cost the organisation 1,122 USD, but it is difficult to do crowdfunding as we used to; if you would like to help out, simply contact us to find out how you can donate.

Lastly, we have finally launched our Q&A section, months after the idea was first formalised in the Communications Committee. Questions will be answered in bulk at the end of each month. We hope that this will maintain more engagement with the organisation, especially in times like this when we are posting less. If you want to keep up with the organisation, the best way is to register to become an observer so that you can be put in touch with someone who you can get more regular updates from; these updates are the smaller things that happen within the organisation that don't necessarily make it to becoming a whole post.

Christophe Simpson