Jamaica LANDS
Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism


Here, you will find updates about the organisation itself.

July 2018 Updates

Our delegates had returned from the 24th Sao Paulo Forum about a week ago. A draft report on the event has been circulated within LANDS for units to review, while our website has a public compilation that was added yesterday. The Sao Paulo Forum leaves us with some work to do, in line with work we are already doing and that we had planned to do. Some of the details of this work are in the draft report. We did not do a fundraiser before the event, as the usual means by which we do fundraisers are no longer available, and it is difficult for us to find crowdfunding services that work for us; this has left us in a bit of a deficit, but we hope to fix this soon.

The membership application form is almost complete; its implementation is overdue. It will be rolled out as soon as possible, to allow some of our current observers to become full members if they qualify for membership. While almost 100 persons have registered to be a part of LANDS, less than 20% of them are full members. We hope to expand our membership, as well as our support base of observers.

Another important update is concerning our constitution, which may be tweaked yet again. Units are encouraged to discuss the changes, to the constitution, that they would like to see. One proposal on the table so far is to have the minimum size of the Politburo be 3 members, and the minimum size of the Central Committee be 7 members. The Politburo is responsible for setting the official political stances of the organisation, while the Central Committee is responsible for overseeing the management of the organisation and the use of its resources overall.

Another proposal that has emerged is to have the quorum for meetings raised from 3; the challenge with this is that it will make things difficult for new units when they are still small. It was also suggested that online meetings be encouraged, in place of in-person meetings which tend to be held in higher regard; this is still being debated.

Some units have come to stances on some political matters, and this trend needs to continue. The character of our organisation will largely be defined by the set of things we agree on in meetings, which the party leadership can then ratify. There is still some internal contention on our stance on Palestine, and there needs to be some clarification on our stance on the Fiscal Council. We also need to come to formal positions on many things that we have agreed on or supported informally.

We did not get enough questions for our Q&A initiative, so that has been postponed for another month. Hopefully, we will get enough questions so that we can do our first Q&A session by the end of August.

Christophe Simpson