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Our Submission on Economic Policies in 2018


This week, we have submitted a paper to the government, giving some short commentary on economic issues that we have been discussing in our meetings. The paper was sent to Dr. Nigel Clarke, Fayval Williams, and Andrew Holness, concerning 4 topics:

  • Wage Negotiations

  • The Fiscal Council

  • Currency Value

  • Customs & Tariffs

The positions we expressed were very general, being no more than 2 pages per topic. This serves as a guide for what to expect when we develop more in-depth policies on some of the things we addressed.

This is one of the products of dozens of meetings held since the start of the year. When we are able to conclude our positions on other topics, they may be shared with the public as well.

For this submission, opinions were collected from different persons who met in different units in the organisation, and a short review was done by the Economic Policy Committee; all members of the committee already voiced approval for the submission before it was sent yesterday, and are expected to formalise this in a vote later today.

Christophe Simpson