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Democratic Socialism Reading List


Democratic Socialism

This is material on Democratic Socialism, focusing on the ideas, practice, and accomplishments of Democratic Socialists.

Doctrine of a Hundred Flowers
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This is an article that looked at the more pluralistic aspects of Mao's leadership, which may please some moderate Socialists.

Growth and Success in Kerala
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This is an essay that outlines the impact and the achievements of Communist leadership in the Indian state of Kerala.

This is a thesis written by St. Hope Earl McKenzie; it goes through the general philosophy of Democratic Socialism in Jamaica, with special focus on how it impacted Education.

This is a paper which provides a detailed overview of Michael Manley's policies regarding education in Jamaica, and the ideas that inspired them.

This is an account of Norman Manley's conception of Socialism, which influenced the values of the People's National Party until the 1970s when it shifted even further to the Left.

Remembering Michael Manley
(Read freely online)

This is an article by Brian Meeks on Michael Manley, and his struggles with leading Jamaica.

This is a short list of the things accomplished by Evo Morales during his leadership in Bolivia.

This is an article which discusses the contradictions and challenges faced by Democratic Socialism in Latin America.