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Our Submission on the Sexual Offences Act


As a parliamentary committee is reviewing the Sexual Offences Act and other related acts, we decided to make a submission. The submission was made yesterday, and it was the first time we had done anything like this.

In all, we offered considerations on 5 issues, including specific recommendations on 3 issues, and general recommendations on the other 2 issues. The issues that we addressed were:

  1. the legal definition of "sexual intercourse" and "rape"
  2. marital rape
  3. the legal definition of "sexual grooming"
  4. the use of jurors in sexual offence cases
  5. the legal definition of "consent"

We learned some very interesting and disturbing things while studying the Sexual Offences Act to make our submission on it. We encourage you to read our submission to see exactly what we had to say about the 5 issues we addressed; you may download it by clicking the button below.

You may also visit the JFJ's website to see submissions made by other organisations.

Christophe Simpson